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Who I Am

I am a father of three and step-father of five with interests and skills that include writing, education, faith & spirituality, business & legal administration, theatre, community building, and photography. I've worked the phones as a corporate customer service rep, as an administrative assistant, acted on stage and screen, and been a full-time stay-at-home dad. I currently teach high school science, which is the second best job in the world next to being a dad. I've got a large tattoo of a cougar and its three kittens on my left leg, believe Dr. Suess was a literary genius, and couldn't go a day without music. I grew up in Bexley, Ohio -- a suburb of Columbus-- and now make my home in Kingston, Washington with my wife Keri, two cats, a dog, and our aforementioned children.

My Thoughts About Photography

Ask any artist their "philosophy," and you'll get a unique answer. I summarize mine in two words: Vision Capture.

Yeah, I know...what the hell does that mean?

I marvel how the elements of design merge with photographic techniques, and that both have remained steadfast despite rapid advancements in technology. My goal is to incorporate both into my photographs, which can be a challenge when smartphones render snapshots into self-proclaimed works of art. It sometimes makes me wonder if the digital age has advanced the art of photography or just saturated it. Don't get me wrong, I love the "wow" factor that technology affords photographers, but I am drawn most to simplicity and fundamentals.

I want my photographs to combine my vision -- the what & how I see people, places, and things -- with the camera's ability to capture it.

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